Goldring Newsroom

Goldring redefines sonic possibilities with a Special Edition model of its flagship Ethos moving coil cartridge

World-renowned analogue audio specialist, Goldring, introduces Ethos SE – a special edition of its award-winning Ethos model. Sitting at the very top of Goldring’s range of moving coil cartridges, Ethos SE combines uncompromising engineering with unique new features to produce a cartridge of exquisite sound reproduction capabilities.

Goldring’s new E4 cartridge is the single most cost-effective upgrade owners of budget or midrange turntables will ever make

World-famous analogue audio specialist Goldring introduces its new flagship E Series moving magnet cartridge: E4. Designed as the ultimate upgrade for any modern budget or midrange turntable, E4 represents the pinnacle of E Series engineering and performance.

Goldring unveils flagship Ethos moving coil cartridge

Goldring has announced its new Ethos moving coil cartridge; a top-of-the-range cartridge with outstanding sound reproduction capabilities, designed and hand-built in the United Kingdom.

Armour Home Electronics appoints Fidelity Imports to distribute its Goldring brand in the US

Hertfordshire, UK Leading audio specialist Armour Home Electronics has appointed Fidelity Imports as the exclusive US distributor of its leading phono cartridge and record care brand, Goldring

Goldring’s new Eroica HX makes upgrading to a moving coil cartridge hassle-free

World renowned analogue audio specialists Goldring, introduces the latest member of its moving coil (MC) cartridge family, the Eroica HX. This high output, high-performance cartridge makes upgrading from a moving magnet cartridge to a moving-coil model straightforward.

Goldring introduces E Series moving magnet cartridges

Goldring has announnced its new E Series Moving Magnet cartridges; a range of high performance, premium quality, British designed models for the resurgent turntable market.

Keep your vinyl records dust and static free with the Milty Zerostat 3

The Milty Zerostat 3 effectively and cleanly neutralises static charges on virtually any surface without the need for messy sprays or liquids. This pocket anti-static gun will improve the sound quality of vinyl records and CDs by harmlessly removing static.